Dear friends,

On April 13, our president announced the end of sanitary containment for May 11. So we are hopeful that we can do the 2020 season in good conditions.

Furthermore, the European community in the presence of Mr. VON DER LEYEN, does not consider closing the borders inside the SCHENGEN area.

In addition, the French President declared on May 4 that there will be no problem for border crossing within the Schengen area; we can therefore think that it will be the same for the circulation of the French ...

This reassures us for our customers who have booked in our campsite.

However, I plan to put in place some sanitary provisions.

  1. Reception: We will limit access to reception to 2 or 3 people at a time.
  2. Hydroalcoholic gel: 30 gel dispensers will be placed in the campsite at essential points. Disinfectant solutions will also be available with sanitary wipes. NEVER THROW AWAY THESE CLOTHES INTO THE TOILET
  3. Swimming pool: We will ensure that the shower obligation at the entrance to the swimming pool and the passage through the footbath are respected. The coronavirus is very sensitive to chlorine which we use so no problem for swimming but we will ask our customers not to move the deckchairs, spaced 1 meter apart.
  4. Bread distribution: We will ask our customers to pick up their bread order with a mask.We will offer 2 masks in washable fabrics per family on your arrival allowing the person who will pick up their order of bread in the morning at the bar.Hand washing with hydroalcoholic gel will also be necessary upon entering the buildings.
  5. Restaurant: The distance of 1 meter between each table between each respected table. Finally a QR code system will be put in place to prevent the menus from going from hand to hand.

The entire team at Camping Solaire will make sure you have a great holiday with us.

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